Welcome to the PADDINGTON project, a European Project granted under the FP7 HEALTH.2010.2.4.4-1 programme supporting  clinical studies of Siena Biotech SEN0014196 product to bring value for the care of Huntington’s Disease patients. > More

Huntington’s Disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative disorder that gives rise to progressive neuronal dysfunction and cell death, that affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline.
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The PADDINGTON project supports the development of a series of pharmacodynamic markers to explore potential disease-modifying properties of a potential new drug for Huntington’s Disease treatment, ultimately striving to use the compound to delay disability. > More

The Consortium includes four partners from four European countries:
Siena Biotech from Siena, Italy;
Universität Ulm, Ulm, Germany;
University College, London, UK;
KCR, Warsaw, Poland.
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European Seventh Framework Programme Project


The aim of the PADDINGTON project is to develop and ascertain clinical feasibility of a range of pharmacodynamic markers for the clinical development of SEN0014196, a novel and selective Siena Biotech compound with disease-modifying potential in Huntington’s Disease. SEN0014196 enjoys Orphan Status in the EU and in the US and is currently in Phase II clinical development.
The Consortium comprises four partners, all with a proven track-record in Research and Development in the Huntington’s Disease area.
News and Events

2012 UK Site Investigators’ Meeting, 30 April-1 May, 2012, The Studio, Birmingham (UK)

As per the World Health Organization (WHO) regulations, Siena Biotech SpA (Partner 1) has received approval for the name “selisistat” as the official International Nonproprietary Name (INN) to designate the SEN0014196 compound.

Huntington's disease: A treatment in sight? New biomarkers will follow disease progress and rapidly detect effects of a novel drug.> More

Clinical Trials

WP1: PADDINGTON Clinical Study
A multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled, ascending multiple oral dose, sequential group study conducted at two dose levels of SEN0014196 across six EU sites. > More

WP2: Imaging Clinical Study
A multi-centre study across four sites in the EU to expand MRI technique as a biomarker for SEN0014196 clinical studies. > More
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